Tarkov Vernier
Vital statistics
First Seen Episode 1 "Fire and Flesh"
Appeared In 1 Episode(s)
Titles High King of Vernier

The Firekeeper

Kingdom Vernier

Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'10
Eye Color Brown
Weight 210 lbs
Hair Color Light Brown

"You ask me to lay down my life for my people, I will do just that. Asking me to forsaken them, that is one task I will not do"

- High King Tarkov Vernier

Tarkov Vernier is one of the many major characters within the Ruin Role-Playing Game. Tarkov Vernier is the High King of Vernier, succeeding his father after his death during The Great War, he is the son of Tyve and Hannah Vernier, father of Markov Vernier. Previously he served amongst the rankings of Vernier's Army, the 102nd Legion, where he helped with a majority of support during the Great War. Known for his debut into the end of The Great War, successfully leading the assault against Carthridge, defeating the remaining Pacifica Legions and pushing them back into proper country. After the Great War, Tarkov took the reigns over Vernier, assuming the title of "Firekeeper" keeping the spark of Vernier alive and the weapon of his late father "The Sword of Vernier" and it's heavily fire based magic. Later in year the Treaty of Pac was signed into order under King Yanika, an attempt to bring peace between Pacifica and Vernier. Upon agreeing Tarkov lead the inquisitive council party to the treaty location, only to have the treaty party itself sabatoged and set into foul play. Both Vernier and Pacifica blamed the opposing party, the conflict leading into The Second Great War.